SwedishAmerican Announces 2017 Dr. Henry C. Anderson Quality Award Winners & Dr. Bill Gorski Mission Award Winner

Last Friday, SwedishAmerican presented the Dr. Henry C. Anderson Quality Award, the organization's highest expression of distinction and appreciation, to two recipients, and the inaugural Dr. Bill Gorski Mission Award, to one recipient, at its Associate Banquet on June 9 at the UW Health Sports Factory.

Dr. Henry C. Anderson was a physician and healthcare leader who had been dedicated to SwedishAmerican’s heritage of quality excellence for more than 50 years. He joined the medical staff of SwedishAmerican Hospital as a primary care physician in 1955. After 34 years of practicing medicine, he joined the administrative staff at SwedishAmerican, where he served as Vice President of Professional Affairs and Chief Quality Officer.

Every year, SwedishAmerican pauses to celebrate the contributions of our employees for their outstanding quality, achievement, and education they provide to our patients and one another, making SwedishAmerican one of the best in the region and the nation.

The individual award recipient is Luann Varilek, BSN, RN in SwedishAmerican’s Nursing Resources Department. Luann has worked for SwedishAmerican for 33 years, taking on many roles over the years and having a vast amount of impact on all areas of the hospital. She has a commitment to quality improvement through the development of patient placement processes, the furthering of employee education and certification, and continual statistical data. She strives to achieve a high-level of excellence by being thorough in her quality data analysis and is always willing to assist staff of all levels and is extremely committed to quality care for the patients we serve.

The team award recipient is the Baby-Friendly Task Force. The award goes to a team of individuals and departments (Mother/Baby, Labor & Delivery, Special Care Nursery, Women’s Health Education and SwedishAmerican OB/GYN Clinics) who have worked tirelessly for three years on the Baby-Friendly designation that significantly benefits mothers and their new babies. This group of individuals worked on updating policies, created new materials for new parents, conducted surveys and an audit, developed action plans and made measureable improvements of providing quality care to its patients. Each associate committed themselves to 15 hours of modules and five hours of hands-on practice and most importantly this group of individuals has committed themselves to educating new moms on the importance of mother/baby bonding and breastfeeding to ultimately help mom and baby have improved long-term health outcomes.

The Baby-Friendly Task Force members include: Kari Friberg, Paula Hart, Nichole Thurman, Tianna Armstrong, Lynell Campbell, Shirley Poole, Monica Stone, Jodi Wubbena, Lee Johnson, Jody Hare, Lorna Utley, Angie Anderson, Patricia Mason, Salena Kinser, Deb Rickard, Sara Olson, Andrea Kilroy, Patricia Aronson, Angie Loptien, Sara Gaddini, Karla Noeller, Kathy Bolthouse, Paul Spantideas, Paula Culvey, Janice Southard, Latoya Parhm, Jorden Molenda, John Cashmore, Linda Lindquist, Lindsey Munguia, Dr. William Cunningham, Dr. Valerie Bell, Dr. William Gorski, Ann Gantzer, Fiona Springman.

“The SwedishAmerican Dr. Henry C. Anderson Quality Award is about honoring our heritage of quality excellence and recognizing the major contributions of our employees – past, present and future,” says SwedishAmericna Chief Quality Officer Dr. Michael Born. “I hope everyone is inspired by this year’s recipient’s spirit and determination and I send my warmest congratulations to all of the recipients and every one of our Associates at Swedes who strives to provide quality care to our patients.”

The inaugural Dr. Bill Gorski Mission Award was given to Dr. John Myers, a gifted surgeon and leader at SwedishAmerican, who carried out our mission, “Through excellence in healthcare and compassionate service, we care for our community.” Dr. Myers retired from SwedishAmerican on May 5. He was a cardiovascular surgeon for 17 years and most recently in 2014, became the Director of Medical Affairs at SwedishAmerican.

For more information on SwedishAmerican’s quality initiatives, please visit www.swedishamerican.org or call the Quality Resource Department at (779) 696-2474.

For further information, contact:

Katryna Kirby