SwedishAmerican and UW Health Offer Team Approach to Breast Cancer Treatment

For women who have breast cancer, the SwedishAmerican Breast Health Center uses a multi-disciplinary treatment approach. A team of physicians, which includes SwedishAmerican oncologists, radiation oncologists and radiologists, as well as surgeons from the UW Health Carbone Cancer Center, meets weekly to discuss every new and existing breast cancer cases. These conferences also include clinical trials nurses, registrars, physical therapists and a nurse navigator who is a continual resource for our patients. SwedishAmerican is the only hospital in Rockford to take this type of approach.

SwedishAmerican is pleased to have several surgeons from UW Health practicing in Rockford —Drs. Lee Wilke, Jennifer Steiman, Heather Neuman, and Dacia Pickering—on the Breast Conference Team. Dr. Pickering sees patients at SwedishAmerican’s UW Health Surgery Clinic and attends each conference. Drs. Wilke, Steiman and Neuman travel from Madison to attend the conference in Rockford and also see patients during that time.

During the Breast Conference, radiologists review images, pathologists discuss tissue types and surgeons and oncologists make specific treatment recommendations.

"This is a meeting of some of the best minds in breast cancer treatment," says SwedishAmerican Breast Nurse Navigator Kathi Bouland. "It's an opportunity for the patient to get the very best treatment recommendations possible in a very timely manner, and also is a great learning opportunity for everyone involved."

For more information, please call the SwedishAmerican Breast Health Center at (779) 696-7676.

For further information, contact:

Katryna Kirby