SwedishAmerican Adopts PowerLook Density Assessment to Help Identify Patients with Dense Breasts

SwedishAmerican Breast Health Center is excited to announce it has recently installed iCad PowerLook Density Assessment Software. The PowerLook Density Assessment helps radiologists identify patients who have dense breast tissue by measuring the densest part of the breast on the mammogram and assigning a numerical value.

Forty percent of women have dense breast; this is determined at the time of a person’s mammogram and not something you can feel. Studies have shown that patients with increased breast density also have an in increased risk of developing breast cancer.

The Breast Health Center has earned the Breast Centers of Excellence Certification by the American College of Radiology for the last six years. This certification is awarded to facilities that excel in several Breast Imaging Modalities. The Center also uses whole breast ultrasound and will be implementing 3D mammography later this year; both are extremely helpful in evaluating patients with dense breast tissue. And although mammography is considered to be the gold standard in breast cancer screening, it is proven to be less effective in women with dense breast tissue.

“The PowerLook Density Assessment is designed to detect dense breast tissue present on a mammogram and for radiologists, this new technology makes reading breast density easier and it allows for patients to get faster results,” says SwedishAmerican Breast Health Center Supervisor Adrea Bennett. “Before PowerLook, radiologists would have to base the patients breast density on what they could see with the naked eye but now they can confidently provide a more accurate and timely assessment .”

SwedishAmerican Breast Health Center performs approximately 14,000 mammograms each year and has used the PowerLook Density Assessment technology since October 2016. By offering this technology, SwedishAmerican will continue to be a leader in breast cancer detection.

For more information on the PowerLook Density Assessment or to schedule an appointment, please contact SwedishAmerican’s Breast Health Center at (779) 696-7676.

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Katryna Kirby