We’re Here to Support Our Community

The SwedishAmerican Foundation’s mission is to support the healing mission of SwedishAmerican, to satisfy the philanthropic needs of our community and to nurture the organization's rich Swedish history and tradition. Established in 1981, The SwedishAmerican Foundation raises, invests and distributes funds which benefit not only our hospital but our clinics, staff and surrounding neighborhood. We also support many local community organizations that make Rockford a healthier place to live.
We care for our community in so many ways. From building better and stronger neighborhoods to improving community health and impacting children’s lives through school partnerships, The SwedishAmerican Foundation is making a difference across our region. Making a difference. That’s what we’re all about.    
If you’d like to help our community, there are numerous opportunities and ways to give to our Foundation. Please know, every dollar contributed is used to impact the area’s health and well-being. Donations raised in this community stay in this community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tribute gifts are a very meaningful way to recognize special people in your life. We send a card to the person you designate, informing them of the gift and acknowledge the gift to you.

We make certain to direct your gift as you wish. You may choose to support:


  • Unrestricted: Unrestricted gifts permit the SwedishAmerican Foundation to use the contribution where the need is greatest.
  • Restricted: Restricted gifts support our services in a specific area. Oncology, cardiology, pediatrics and women's and children's health are just a few of the areas from which you may choose. 
  • Neighborhood revitalization: These gifts help restore the neighborhood surrounding SwedishAmerican. Funds may be used to renovate homes, offer financial assistance to homebuyers or purchase property to be improved.
  • Uncompensated patient care: These gifts allow SwedishAmerican to continue providing service to everyone, regardless of financial ability.

Contributions are deductible for personal or corporate tax purposes to the fullest extent of the law.

Not one penny. Thanks to the historical and generous support of past generations of benefactors, and through the diligent stewardship of the Foundation's resources, every dollar contributed to the SwedishAmerican Foundation is used to impact the health and well-being of the Rockford community. No gift dollars are used for administrative or operational purposes.