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What's Included in Your Health Assessment

Health/Lifestyle Survey

Based on a health/lifestyle survey that is completed prior to your arrival, a regimen of diagnostics is tailored to your specific needs and risk factors. After the initial exam, additional testing may be suggested and completed during your assessment if possible.

General Screenings

A comprehensive array of blood, urine, X-ray and stress EKG tests will be completed early in your assessment to help determine if there are any specific areas of health concern. Blood will be drawn prior to your visit at a location of your choosing (i.e., home, office, etc.) by a visiting nurse.

A Typical Exam

A typical exam includes a stress cardiogram and a CT heart scan, a chest X-ray, vision and hearing screening tests, an extensive physical examination, PAP smear and mammogram (if needed), and lung function studies if indicated.


Costs for the assessment typically start at $2,300 but depend on the tests required. Most insurance plans will not cover this expense, but usually cover any further testing and/or consults indicated by this exam. Groups of five or more are eligible for a discounted fee.


Based on your lifestyle survey, a number of informational components may be incorporated to enable you to better understand and maintain healthy habits. Topics will include individual nutrition, physical fitness, stress management, smoking cessation, alcohol use, and personal safety.

Personal Results Consultation

At the conclusion of your visit, a primary care physician will meet with you to discuss the results of your assessment in comprehensive detail. During this summary session, your spouse is invited to attend. If needed, appointments with specialists will be set up to further evaluate any potential problems discovered during the day-long session.

Confidential Written Report

Following your assessment, a comprehensive written report is provided for your personal reference. It may be shared with your primary care physician to facilitate continuity of care. At your direction, a report also can be forwarded to your company.


The entire assessment process has been designed to cater to the needs of your busy lifestyle. Fax machines, telephones, valet parking, and other items of necessity are readily accessible for your convenience.

Spouse Health Assessment

Spouses can be scheduled for a similar assessment at a separate time.

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