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Center For Women

SwedishAmerican Center For Women Designated an ACR Breast Imaging Center of Excellence

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Breast Care
Breast cancer affects an average of one in eight women each year in the United States. It is the second-most-common cause of cancer related deaths in women. However, through early detection your chance for a full recovery is dramatically improved. The SwedishAmerican Center For Women offers full-field digital mammography services-the newest technology available today in the fight against breast cancer.

Compared to other clinics in northern Illinois, our center is unique because we offer women the opportunity to have a digital mammogram and, if necessary, a diagnostic mammogram or ultrasound the same day. This brings great peace of mind to our patients, who are not required to wait for results.

What is Digital Mammography?

Digital mammography has become the standard for the early detection of breast cancer. While compression of the breast tissue is still necessary, the quality of the images is far superior to traditional film screen mammography.

In full-field digital mammography, the electronic images are stored directly on a computer. The radiologist is able to immediately review the images on a high-resolution monitor. He can adjust the brightness, change the contrast and zoom in for close-ups of specific areas of interest. There is less exposure to radiation for the patient and no waiting time for film to develop. Digital mammography is especially advantageous for women under the age of 50, who have very dense breast tissue, and women who are pre- or peri-menopausal.

Located on the second floor of the Renaissance Pavilion at 1340 Charles Street, the Center For Women's comprehensive breast center provides patients with the most specialized services in northern Illinois. It offers you the comfort and privacy you deserve and the state-of-the-art technology you expect.

In one convenient location, we offer a variety of services to care for your breast health including digital mammography, breast ultrasound, stereotactic and ultrasound-guided core biopsies, breast MRI, and genetic risk assessments. You also may take advantage of Wellness Essentials - a special service that allows women to take care of their required women's health exams (annual physical & pap smear, mammogram and DEXA scan) at one convenient time.

For those women who have breast cancer, the center offers a team approach to treatment where physicians, nurses and other specialized staff discuss available options.

Our patients also benefit from the availability of a nurse navigator. Part educator, part personal assistant and part friend, nurse navigators provide a unique level of care to patients and their families. They sit in on patient consultations, expedite appointments and tests, help resolve insurance issues and let patients know what programs are available to them.

Schedule Your Mammogram

SwedishAmerican is pleased to offer digital mammography services at both the Center For Women and Medical Center/Belvidere. To schedule a digital mammogram at either location, please call (815) 391-7676 or send an email message including your name, date of birth, and phone number to breastcare@swedishamerican.org.

For More Information

You can obtain the most current educational literature on breast health at the SwedishAmerican Center For Women. Our professional staff would be glad to assist you with any information you might need or guide you to free support groups in the region. Simply call (815) 391-7676, stop by the center on the second floor of the Renaissance Pavilion at 1340 Charles Street, or e-mail womenshealth@swedishamerican.org.

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