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Center For Women

Bladder Control
Research indicates that approximately 17 million Americans, primarily women over the age of 18, experience one or more symptoms of urinary incontinence. Yet, only 20 percent seek treatment for their condition. The stigma and embarrassment of the condition often lead to a cascade of events, including reduced physical activity, social withdrawal and depression.

Fortunately, incontinence is highly treatable, and improvement or even cure can be achieved for most sufferers, regardless of age.

What is the Treatment?

There are many effective treatment choices, including medication therapy, behavioral techniques, bladder retraining, biofeedback and pelvic muscle rehabilitation. Even if your physician recommends surgery for your condition, physical therapy prior to and after surgery can improve your outcome.

Where Can I Go for More Answers?

The Center For Women offers a Bladder Health Program, staffed by a team that includes a gynecologist, a women's health nurse practitioner, and a physical therapist. The team helps women to diagnose the problem, identify the causes, institute appropriate therapies, and makes referrals to sub-specialists for treatments when appropriate.

Please call (815) 961-2294 for more information, or to schedule an appointment.

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