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Radiation Oncology  |  Staff

SwedishAmerican's Radiation Oncology Department includes a variety of skilled professionals who are trained in the treatment of cancer. Together, they help to make cancer treatment go as smoothly as possible for patients and their families.

Radiation oncologists prescribe radiation therapy to shrink or eliminate tumors. They are doctors who determine the type of treatment patients receive, the dosage given, and the overall care provided during treatment.

Radiation therapists are licensed professionals who provide treatments on the linear accelerator. They take care of the treatment delivery, giving the prescribed dose each day, as authorized by the doctor.

Dosimetrists work on treatment planning computers in collaboration with the oncologist to determine the treatment area and the dose delivered to a particular cancer.

Physicists work behind the scenes to oversee the entire treatment planning process. They determine the safety of all operations and are responsible for the calibration of treatment machines, the measurement of radiation and the integrity of all equipment used within the oncology department.

A specially trained oncology nurse plays an important part in caring for our patients.

An oncology social worker is a licensed professional who assists in the counseling of oncology patients, providing psychological support and guidance to both the patient and their family.

A dedicated registered dietician screens all new oncology patients for adequate nutrition using the Patient-Generated Subjective Global Assessment Nutrition (PGSGA) Tool. Based on the assessment, the dietician will provide dietary intervention and follow-up for all nutritional problems during the patient's course of treatment.

The department's front desk staff assists patients with appointment setup, ordering additional testing as needed, keeping track of records, and more.

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