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Quality Management:


Committee for Quality Improvement and Safety (CQI)

The Committee for Quality Improvement and Safety is the operational committee and has responsibility for:

  • Supervising quality and medical safety initiatives

  • Prioritizing and integrating quality improvement activities for appropriate resource allocation

  • Initiating quality improvement projects and clinical practice guideline teams

  • Assessing benchmark information

  • Accepting and assessing reports from quality teams and committees including all safety reports

  • Evaluating opportunities for improvement

  • Communicating the results appropriately

The membership of the CQI includes SwedishAmerican's board chairman; the chief medical officer, who also is the medical safety officer; vice presidents for operations, patient services, human resources and clinical services; the director of quality management; the director of risk management; administrative directors for SwedishAmerican's centers of excellence; the medical staff QA/I chairman; quality improvement coordinators; the safety officer; a nurse manager representative; the manager of clinical quality; SwedishAmerican's guest relations specialist; the Management Services Organization (MSO) quality manager; as well as representatives from the Information Systems and Finance departments.

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