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Wireless Internet Access

SwedishAmerican Health System offers free WiFi Internet service throughout its hospital campus and clinic locations. Please use the following instructions to connect.


  • Computer with wireless capability through internal or external WiFi card
  • Internet browser (i.e., Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, etc.)

On The Computer

  1. View available wireless networks/connections. Using your wireless software/utility, choose SAHSGUEST to connect to the SwedishAmerican WiFi Internet.
  2. Launch your internet browser. You will see the SwedishAmerican WiFi web page. Please click Accept to begin using.
* Connection is good for 24hrs. Once this time has expired user will need to reinitiate their session on the SwedishAmerican WiFi web page.

* SwedishAmerican is not responsible for providing technical support for hardware or software.
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