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The Ryan Jury Child Development
Learning Center

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The Ryan Jury Child Development Learning Center's kindergarten program recognizes that children will soon be entering schools that have a range of expectations for a child's social and academic performance. Our kindergarten program provides a comprehensive, learning-centered approach that challenges children and supports all areas of development. It recognizes both the value of emergent curriculum and the need for directed, sequential instruction to ensure that children enter first grade with the skills and knowledge expected of them in the school that they will attend.

The Jury Center has developed expectations and practices in concert with our local schools that the children will be attending. At the same time, the kindergarten curriculum builds off the child's knowledge base and skills, learning style and interests. There is a clear emphasis on the development of strong language, math and science skills. Important "school skills" of listening carefully, following through on a sequence of tasks and working cooperatively are reinforced.

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