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School of Radiography  |  Student Learning Outcomes

Our Mission

Through excellence in education and a quality-focused environment, we provide our healthcare community with competent and compassionate radiographers.

Our Goals

Goal:  Graduate Competent Radiographers

    • The student will produce competent radiographs
    • The student will practice radiation protection for the patient, him or herself and others.
 Goal:   The student will develop problem solving and critical thinking skills.

    • The student will determine the need to modify standard procedures to accommodate patient condition and other variables.
    • The student will adapt exposure factors for various patient conditions, equipment, accessories and contrast media to maintain appropriate radiographic
    • The student can evaluate radiographic images for appropriate positioning and image quality and make appropriate adjustments to obtain a diagnostic
Goal:  The student will practice effective communication skills.

    • The student can communicate effectively with radiologists, radiographers and other healthcare professionals.
    • The student can obtain a pertinent patient history and educate the patient about the procedure.
    • The student uses computers to communicate and to record data and patient information
Goal:  The student (graduate) demonstrates the values and ethics of a radiographer.

    • The student applies the values and ethics expected of a radiographer.
    • The student provides compassionate care to all patients
Goal:  The SAH School of Radiography will provide our healthcare community with radiographers.

    • Graduate radiographers
 Goal:  The SAH School of Radiography will provide our students with diverse up-to-date resources and services.

    • SAH School of Radiography will provide learning resources that assure student knowledge in the field of radiography
    • SAH School of Radiography maintains student services that are sufficient to assure that the student has a means of meeting their needs while attending the school of radiography.
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