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Young Hearts For Life: FREE Teen EKG Screenings
Available by Appointment


Sadly, we have all heard stories and read articles about teens, seemingly in peak athletic condition, who suddenly and shockingly have died during sports activities.

Sudden cardiac death (SCD) claims the lives of 30 young adults every week in the United States. One-third of these deaths may have been prevented through a simple heart screening.

Swedishamerican Holistic Health Services and Midwest Heart offer free electrocardiogram (EKG) screens to high school students in Winnebago and Boone County.

Please call Ann Sammons at (779) 696-2894 to make an appointment for a screening at the Heart Hospital at SwedishAmerican, Charles & 10th Streets in Rockford. Or call (815) 961-2030 for an appointment at SwedishAmerican Medical Center/Belvidere, 1625 South State Street in Belvidere. Screenings take approximately 15 minutes.

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