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Diabetes Counseling


Individual and group sessions are offered by certified diabetes educators, (advanced practice nurse, registered nurses, and clinical dietitians. Day-to-day self-care management is discussed. Areas of self-care include: medications, treatment of emergencies, self blood glucose monitoring, self-care (skin, foot, eye, dental, exercise, sick day, stress, travel and nutrition counseling.) Initial teaching upon
diagnosis, as well as follow-up teaching is provided. Ambulatory insulin and pump therapy can also be provided. An individualized plan of care is developed. Appointment times are flexible. Call your Primary Care Physican and request an appointment with the Diabetes Educators.

SwedishAmerican Hospital, Diabetes Self-Management Center. For more information, call 779-696-2498 or **e-mail diabetescenter@swedishamerican.org.

**PLEASE NOTE: If you are a current patient and you are having problems, PLEASE DO NOT E-MAIL US, call us at (815) 489-4190 or contact your physician.

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