Corporate Info

SwedishAmerican Administrators

William R. Gorski, MD
    President and Chief Executive Officer

Richard P. Walsh
    Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Kathleen M. Kelly, MD
    Chief Medical Officer and Chief Quality Officer

Donald L. Haring
    Vice President, Finance and Treasurer

Ann M. Gantzer
    Vice President, Health and Patient Services

Gerard Guinane
    Vice President, Human Resources

Thomas M. Myers
    Vice President, Strategic Planning and Marketing

Phil A. Wasson
    Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Don F. Daniels
    Vice President, Medical Group Management

John R. Mecklenburg
    Executive Vice President, Foundation

Julia N. Zimmerman
    Vice President, Medical Group Physician Resources

SwedishAmerican Directors

E. Thomas Carey
    Director, Pharmacy

John K. Cashmore
    Director, Materials Management

Darra Clarkston
    Director, SwedishAmerican Medical Group
    Specialty Care Operations

Marianne Culich
    Director, Internal Audit and Compliance

Patti A. DeWane
    Director, Corporate Accounting

Dennis Eccles
    Director, Environmental Services

Judith E. Elkins
    Director, Women’s, Children’s and
    Clinical Services

Y. Rocky Ephraim
    Director, Process Improvement and
    Strategic Deployment

Glenn R. Evans
    Director, Facility Planning/Design/Construction

Ellen G. Farrell
    Director, Health Information Management
    Services and Corporate Compliance Officer

Jennifer Fischer
    Director, SwedishAmerican Medical
    Group Information Management

Patricia L. Foss
    Director, SwedishAmerican Medical
    Group Business Office

Kathi L. Gehrke
    Director, Medical Surgical Adult Care

Patrick S. Gilliland
    Director, Reimbursement and Budget

John M. Gonsiorek
    Director, Decision Support

Tonya Gray
    Director, Home Care

Jan A. Hagenlocher
    Director, Community Relations

Nancy Halford
    Director, Case Management

Randall A. Hann
    Director, Business Office Operations

Ingrid A. Hargrove
    Director, Employee Relations Services

Sheryl Y. Head
    Director, Information Security

Jean L. Holm
    Director, Clinical Quality and Patient Safety

Sheryl J. Johnson
    Chief Information Officer

June M. Koch
    Controller, Management Services Organization

Jane Langenfeld
    Director, Perioperative Services

Kevin R. Lewis
    Director, Managed Care Contracts

Steven J. Lidvall, MD
    Director, Medical Affairs

Richard D. Marsh
    Director, Engineering, Biomedical Services
    and Telecommunications

Mary R. McCarthy
    Director, Quality Management

Dawna R. Menke
    Administrator, SwedishAmerican Medical
    Center/Belvidere Hospital Operations

Beverly J. Merfeld
    Director, Risk Management

Robert W. (Bill) Mewes, RN
    Director, Cardiovascular Services

Carol E. Mittel
    Director, Ryan Jury Child Development
    Learning Center

Noel D. Nickel
    Director, Primary Care Operations

Kathleen M. O’Connell
    Service Director, Dietary Services

Kathryn Owen
    Director, Clinical Informatics

Brian E. Reck
    Director, Corporate Communications,
    Strategic Marketing and Government Relations

Diane L. Scoville
    Director, Oncology Services

Kenneth J. Scrivano
    Director, Clinical Services

Andrea L. Severson
    Director, Information Systems

Norm E. Shirk
    Director, Pastoral Care and Volunteer Services

James E. Stoltz
    Director, TriRivers System Engineering

Chad Thompson
    Director, Emergency Services

Cynthia J. Thompson
    Director, Compensation and Benefits Services

Toni D. Thompson
    Director, Employee Organizational
    Development and Learning Services

Debra S. Tiffany
    Director, Laboratory

Marilyn R. Wetzel
    Director, Employment Services

Sharon Whelan
    Director, Patient Advocacy and
    Holistic Health Services

SwedishAmerican Hospital Board of Trustees

Frank Bonelli, MD
    (Ex-Officio, President Medical Staff)
Pete Christman
Danny Copeland, MD
Mike Dallman
Pat Derry
Sara Fleming, MD
    (Ex-Officio Immediate Past President, Medical Staff)
Jim Gingrich
Williams Gorski, MD
    (Ex-Officio, President  CEO, SwedishAmerican Health System)
Robert Head, PhD
Helen Hill
Mike Houselog
Dennis Johnson
Gregory Jury
Marco Lenis

Dan Loescher, 1st Vice Chairman
Fran Morrissey
John Myers, MD
Bill Roop, Chairman
Dan Ross
David Rydell
John Scheub, MD
John Shiro, MD
    (Ex-Officio, Vice President, Medical Staff)
Steve Sjogren
Jim Waddell
Richard Walsh
    (Ex-Officio, President, SwedishAmerican Hospital)
Tom Walsh, 2nd Vice Chairman
Frank Walter, Immediate Past Chairman
Amy Wilcox
Allen Williams, MD

SwedishAmerican Health System Board of Directors

Pete Christman
Danny Copeland, MD
Mike Dallman
Pat Derry
Jim Gingrich
William Gorski, MD
    (Ex-Officio, President & CEO, SwedishAmerican Health System)
Robert Head, PhD
Helen Hill
Mike Houselog
Dennis Johnson
Gregory Jury
Marco Lenis

Dan Loescher, 1st Vice Chairman
Fran Morrissey
John Myers, MD
Bill Roop, Chairman
Dan Ross
David Rydell
John Scheub, MD
Steve Sjogren
Jim Waddell
Tom Walsh, 2nd Vice Chairman
Frank Walter, Immediate Past Chairman
Amy Wilcox
Allen Williams, MD

FY 2012 System Performance

Outpatient Visits
Emergency Department Visits
Home Health Visits
Belvidere Outpatient Visits
Belvidere Emergency Department Visits
SAMG Total Encounters


2011 Community Benefit

Charity Care (at cost)
Language Assistance Services
Government-Sponsored Indigent Care
Volunteer Services
Bad Debt Expense


SwedishAmerican Health System Subsidiaries

SwedishAmerican Hospital
SwedishAmerican Medical Center/Belvidere
SwedishAmerican Medical Group/Belvidere
SwedishAmerican Medical Group/Brookside
SwedishAmerican Medical Group/Byron
SwedishAmerican Medical Group/Camelot OB/GYN
SwedishAmerican Medical Group/Cardiothoracic Surgery
SwedishAmerican Medical Group/Davis Junction
SwedishAmerican Medical Group/Five Points
SwedishAmerican Medical Group/Lundholm Orthopedics
SwedishAmerican Medical Group/Marengo
SwedishAmerican Medical Group/Maternal-Fetal Medicine
SwedishAmerican Medical Group/Midtown
SwedishAmerican Medical Group/Pulmonology
SwedishAmerican Medical Group/Rock Valley
    Women’s Health Center
SwedishAmerican Medical Group/Roscoe
SwedishAmerican Medical Group/Valley
SwedishAmerican Medical Group/Woodside
SwedishAmerican Ambulatory Rehabilitation Therapy
SwedishAmerican Center For Women

SwedishAmerican Health Alliance
SwedishAmerican Health Management Organization
SwedishAmerican Home Health Care
SwedishAmerican Management Services Organization
SwedishAmerican Orthopedic & Sports Therapy Center
SwedishAmerican Foundation
SwedishAmerican Realty
SwedishAmerican Regional Cancer Center/ACT
SwedishAmerican Regional Cancer Center/Ninth Street
SwedishAmerican Regional Cancer Center/Radiation Oncology
SwedishAmerican Wound Care and Hyperbaric Clinics
Behavioral Health Resources
Brookside Immediate and Occupational Care
Brookside Specialty Center
Marengo Immediate Care
Midwest Heart Specialists at SwedishAmerican
Neuro & Headache Center
Northern Illinois Vein Clinic
Roscoe Immediate Care
The Heart Hospital at SwedishAmerican
TriRivers Health Partners

Active Medical Staff

To view a complete list of SwedishAmerican physicians, click here.