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Bill R. Gorski, MD

President and Chief Executive Officer

Don F. Daniels

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Kathleen M. Kelly, MD

Chief Clinical Integration Officer

Michael J. Born, MD

Chief Medical Officer and Chief Quality Officer

Thomas Schiller, MD

President, SwedishAmerican Medical Group and Vice President, SAMG Clinic Management

Patti DeWane

Vice President, Finance & Treasurer

Gerard Guinane

Vice President, Human Resources

Ann M. Gantzer

Vice President, Health and Patient Services
Jedediah Contrell
Jedediah Cantrell

Vice President of Operations

Thomas M. Myers

Vice President, Strategic Planning and Marketing

Noel D. Nickel

Vice President of Population Health
Sheryl Johnson
Sheryl Johnson

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Julia N. Zimmerman

Vice President, SwedishAmerican Medical Group and Regional Development
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1401 East State Street
Rockford, IL 61104
(779) 696-4400


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